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D&D Limited was founded in 2009. The team comprises several tech-savvy specialists who are enthusiastic about Information Technologies and the efficient application of IT in various aspects of our modern life. Information technology is continually advancing and evolving, creating new and exciting opportunities for the development of new products and services for businesses and individuals.

Our professional team has more than 10 years of expertise in key web technologies and mobile platforms. Our company's corporate vision is to be a trusted software development partner for our clients around the world, while maintaining an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-oriented approach to delivering cutting-edge solutions catering to most complex business needs and requirements.

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Our company delivers a wide range of cost efficient development services of web and mobile applications, tailored to unique clients' specifications and business needs. We offer full-cycle project management solutions from analysis, consulting, software design to software development, testing, post-project maintenance and support.

We strongly believe that the rich IT potential can be quite efficiently applied to finance and banking industry. This is an area that has greatly revolutionized over the span of the last decade thanks to the successful implementation of state of the art software engineering technologies. Therefore our focus has recently switched to the finance and banking sector, that is continually growing and posing new high-tech challenges to the IT industry.

Our core services include:

  • Full-featured e-commerce solutions (online stores, shopping carts, payment platforms)
  • Saas/PaaS services
  • Customs software development for web, mobile and desktop systems
  • Technology consulting
  • Software design, prototyping, integration, testing
  • Accounting and finance software solutions


We develop cutting-edge accounting and finance software solutions for managing either corporate finances or personal finances. Businesses process a multitude of financial transactions and for them it's imperative to keep track of all ongoing financial operations in order to consolidate financial data and reconcile their cash flow. Individuals also need to keep track of their income and expenses in order to manage their finances better and follow their budget plan.

Our products include:

InEx Finance is a personal money management software that offers easy-to-use tools for expense tracking and budget planning. The service has feature-rich user interface with easy navigation and smooth design. It caters to the international audience by supporting different world currencies and localization. InEx Finance makes it easy for you to efficiently manage personal finances and achieve financial independence.